Monday, April 5, 2010

Chinese Five Spice Rice


1 Cup rice
1 Bell Pepper (diced)
1/2 cup boiled corn
1/2 cup mushrooms (sliced)
1 tbsp butter

Five Spice Powder
2 teaspoons pepper
8 whole star anise
6 cloves
5 sticks cinnamon
1 tablespoons fennel seeds

1 Maaggi cube (optional)


For the 5 spice powder
- Dry roast the pepper in a pan till it releases aroma. Then add all other ingredients and dry roast them to gether. Grind to a coarse powder.

For the Rice
- Soak the rice for 10-15 minutes.
- Drain the rice. Keep it aside.
- Heat about 3 glasses of water. Bring to a boil.
- When the water comes to a rolling boil add the rice.
- Add a spoonful of oil.
- Cook till aldente (almost done).

The veggies
- Heat butter in a pan.
- Stir fry the mushrooms, bell pepper, corn.
- Add salt and black pepper(if u like it).

The final works ..........
- Mix the veggies, the rice, add 1-2 spoonfuls of five spice powder and salt(to taste).
- In a cup of water crush the maggi cube (to make vegetable stock). Add less salt if you are using stock.
- Add vegetable stock simmer till rice is soft.

Serve hot.

P.S: Five spice powder is very concentrated. Use as per taste.